** Ashok Aatreya, via FB: "Are you not Ondine..I am sure..you are not...but you are true to your character...your pen can create wonders..."

** Actress Tia Barr via FB: Great to hear Liliana! Your book is amazing & inspirational!! Please keep me updated on your progress with Exit- I will also be passing your information along to people who might be of good use=) Best....

** Georgiana Abisordun Johnson via FB: EXIT! Everyone will experience EXIT...
I will share EXIT in my own way, especially to the many less fortunate I am in frequent contact with.  With deep appreciation, Liliana, sharing EXIT with me.

** Doctor Rufus Sadler to Liliana Badd, via FB: "I finished 'EXIT' last week. Wow! What a life! This story was so well told. I was totally into her head."

** Alexis Feyou (renowned writer, artist, and inventor), via FB: "If injustice constitutes the essence of life all over the world, it is, however, from innumerable varied acts of courage and belief that the social life evolves." Liliana Badd, in her last noveL titled EXIT, p.330.
"Great book to read. Helps us better understand our world."

**Jeff Procter via FB: Exit- A Novel. This book is so gripping from the very start to finish, a tale of emotion, fear, happiness and love all rolled into one; I was unable to put it down and have only ever read one other book that gripped my attention like this one that book was "about a boy." Liliana has done a wonderful novel in Exit and deserves to be recognized for all her work in this roller coaster ride. This book will have your own mind and emotions going through the same. Well done Liliana!

** EXIT (Liliana Badd): "I already started reading EXIT and I cannot stop! It is extremely well written and I just love it!"


*** "I can't WAIT to get my hands on it; Jeff said it is a life-changing book, and a necessity to acquire...waiting for a break, to give it full attention.
Making Art is a hell of a job, and serious drug, or you wouldn't do it~ Keep making this art!
xo Rose

Rose, it is a daring, stirring book. I faithfully applied "write books only if you dare say in them what you do not dare confide in anyone." Either you love it or you hate it. There are no in-between feelings.

*** Zorin Diaconescu: "Read it, and you'll be busy for a couple of weeks thinking about this book - and you'll probably never forget it. Exit: A Novel - Liliana Badd - Paperback (ISBN 9781426935879)"


*** "Great read. Ondine's perspective on her diagnosis gave me perspective on what people go through when faced with a life threatening situation. Her almost morbid reaction to her life altering situation shows even fighters have their low moments, even to the point of free falling. But as she falls, she falls forward, finding her own life saving branch "or branches" to hold on to. And with all she did, she did not add a single day to her life. She just made each day better. And isn't that what we all should strive to do?"

*** "I honestly believe EXIT will be a success, at least it deserves it; I'm half though reading it and have slowed down, to lengthen the pleasure... Thank you again!"

*** "Hi Liliana...I really enjoyed your book. ...Very insightful in regards to the reflections of mature women. The character was very relatable to me; not because I share her illness but because I feel that like her, I'm at a point in my life that I see everything with more clarity than I did in my youth. Very inspiring book.....makes me want to cut away the clutter......streamline my life."

*** "I read you book and I loved it. It made me cry a lot yet it was a good cry, those that purify you from inside out. I hope you are lucky enough to have your book read by thousands, you deserve it."

*** "Liliana, You are truly an author. I have some questions for you. I aspire to write, feeling I have 2 books in my heart that are just waiting for the right motivation and confidence to come forth from my heart to the written word. How did you begin and where would I find a mentor to guide me through the process? Any assist would be appreciated."

*** "Hi Liliana. I had a few sessions with people dealing with cancer the other day & I talked to them about your book. They told me that they would love to read it only by listening to the title! They said that the title alone made them feel hopeful! Thank you for sharing these lovely words. Very inspiring!"

*** Beyond Beautifulbabe "Enjoyed your book, Exit -- Ondine goes through Sartre's transformation and discovers a life worth living. Brava!"

*** Thank you, Maria. That's fabulous!


*** Thank you, Romeo... that's so cute of you!