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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Book Review of 'Exit' by Liliana Badd

Exit was written by Liliana Badd and published by Trafford Publishing in July, 2010. You can purchase it at
Ondine Duquesne-Schmidt finds herself facing death and wondering if she has lived her life in the best possible manner. This is a story of one woman's trip to find inner peace in the face of terminal illness and to make her life count. She must follow a course to find herself and to find the dream she abandoned many years ago...the dream of becoming a writer.

In her travels she finds who and what are most important to her and that a good life cannot be measured by time, but by how one lives.
This book brought out feelings and made me question how I live my own I would feel if I were in Ondine's place. It is an eye-opener that will make you question everything you believe and how you treat others, ill or well. It is well written and keeps you turning pages until the end. This book will make you think.
I am giving Exit a 4 spider rating and recommending it to one and all. Liliana Badd has written a wonderful story for everyone, no matter your age.
T Lane
** Interview with Barbara M. Hodges on March 10, 2011.

My two guests for March are two ladies with books that go beyond the norm. Liliana Badd's novel Exit took me out of my comfort zone. There were tears shed, but they were of the cleansing type. Lilianna refers to herself as an SWS, a solitary woman survivor. She has also been described as a woman with a restless, rambling soul.

** Interview on Funky Writer Radio on February 12, 2011 hosted by Rob Batista


I just listened to the show and you were great. Very articulate and down to Earth. Thank you so much for being on the show. Here is the link to the show and the HTML code in case you want to put it on your websites or blogs.

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** Liliana Badd's EXIT Can Be The Beginning Of A Great Conversation About Life & Death

a review by Cyrus_Webb Dec 16, 2010

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  **  Dream 4 More

EXIT was a great read and very beautifully written. The story was written in a way that allows the reader to see each and every character to appear realistic.

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** EXIT — A NOVEL - Coffee Time Romance & More  Rated 5 cups -11/27/2010

I was captivated! Ondine is a complex, complicated person with an undeniable passion for exposing falsehood and laying bare that which is shrouded by the veneer of civilization. Her story is epic in scope as, during her travels, whether she is rambling through the streets of Paris or flying off to remote Romania, she encounters others fighting as fiercely against such foes as abject poverty and soul-rotting disease. Touching on many current-day hot-button issues including illegal immigration, health care, and elitist entitlement, this story swept me along with Ondine as she lives each day of her life. It is an often disturbing but triumphant declaration of the invincibility of the human spirit.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

** Interview with Nanci Arvizu on Page Readers- 11.17.2010

 ** Alyssa Ast


"Ondine's story is dedicated to all those men and women I will never meet in person, and whose lives collapsed on a beautiful day, condemned to an incurable illness. It is my hope that Ondine's story will be like a ray of sunshine, a pleasant interlude, in their daily wrestle. And when they feel depressed, defeated and overwhelmed by their fate, I would like to remind them that, for as little as we know with certitude, for wealthy or poor, for healthy or sick, for old or younger, for all of us, sooner or later, at the end of our journey through the space called Life, there it is, majestic in its implacable serenity, silently awaiting... the EXIT."
by Author Liliana Badd


When I first opened the novel,
EXIT by Liliana Badd, I was caught off guard by a quote from John Eldredge. These three paragraphs made me stop in my tracks and read and reread the quote because I think just about every woman can relate to the simple words written. From this point on, I was instantly engaged in the novel- from page one to the very end. How deeply I was intrigued by this novel was slightly odd to me because it is not my typical choice of novel. But none the less, Ondine's story captured my attention and drew me in to every detail of her life.

I was able to relate to Ondine's life lessons on so many levels, it was quite surprising. Even though my path in life is completely different than Ondine's I was still able to relate to many of the thoughts she had and lessons she had learned.
Author Liliana Badd did such an excellent job portraying Ondine's character and emotions, that by the end of the book, she no longer appeared to be a character in a book. By the book's end, she appeared to be an everyday person, who could be your mother, your sister, or your friend. The level of intimacy author Liliana Badd captured within the character truly is what makes this book great.

Highly recommended!

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10.10.10 A Memorable Day in my life! A Blessed Day!

I had a wonderful radio talk-show on KLAV radio - Main Street Mantra with Ajay Dayal... and about 30 minutes before the show... I was sent a "trial." EXIT is a symbol... one day, sooner or later, all of us will face it. And there will be only one question: "What have you done with your life?" I do not want to have to answer: "... then I shall know what a fearful feeling is to reach the end of life and think I have nothing to account for except a thin veil of confused images signifying nothing but wasted opportunities." (EXIT page 263)

Here is what happened: I was there in this restaurant trying to clear my ideas and talk about passion and compassion and sharing on the radio show I was going to attend. There comes this 40-45 black man, decently dressed, wearing a badge on his chest - working as a security guy. He came by my table and said to me: "Would you mind buying me lunch?" And I promptly answered: "Yes, I buy you lunch." And I did. He says: Thank you, thank you - today is my first day in my job, and I am to be paid only next week and I do not have a penny left." And I said: "Thank you... I thank you... you stepped in my life and asked me to buy you lunch when I am going on a talk show to tell the listeners that we must SHARE and HELP in order to survive, if we want to survive..." What a lesson, what a timing ...

** Good afternoon Liliana,
Thank you for taking out time and coming on the show on Sunday. You may listen to your interview in the archive of the 10th Oct'10 show in Part 2, on

** The Janice Marie Wilson Show 9/28/2010 — with Liliana Badd - Blog Talk Radio

Our guest tonight Lilliana Badd. She will share her story of her life under communism and exile; Liliana Badd lived through a dramatic confrontation with death in 1999 causing her to begin a new life in Las Vegas...

Click on the link below to listen to this interview

 ** I was asked:

Why do you think that this book will appeal to readers?

The book will appeal to readers in many ways. The readers will find a detailed, intimate description of the profoundness of a woman's soul — the dreams of a woman's heart, the torments of love and jealousy; the choice of becoming a wife, a mother; the complex relationship between children and parents; the possessiveness of men's over women. Maxim, Ondine's husband, loves Ondine possessively, he owns her, although he refuses, for long years, to tell her openly "I love you," which will often hurt Ondine's feelings. At times, Ondine will feel suffocated by his torrid passion. Ondine describes her metamorphosis from a selfish lover to a responsible mother as follows: the lover — the age of irresponsibility, the wife — the age of adjustment — the mother — the age of painful liability.

When Ondine's life collapses, the readers will be confronted with her quest, with her depression and some fundamental questions about life and death. What does life mean? What does love mean? What does death mean? Ondine will have the courage to affront what seems to be insurmountable. Isn't life, from its beginning to its end, a challenge? How do we deal with our daily challenge? Does a terminally ill patient having reached a beyond medical help stage have the right to end his or her life and choose the time and date of his or her death?

Then, the book is a mine of information — the readers will learn about Paris, the city or romance and love, about the events of May 1968 that shook France to its foundations, about the tragedy of the street children in Bucharest, Romania - innocent victims of a communist regime, about the Commune of Paris, an historical event that happened in 1871 and has highly impacted the history, about Lourdes — the city of miraculous healings, and much more... so much more.

EXIT is also a social novel - about passion, compassion, and mostly social generosity and sharing... so rare nowadays...

Who is your target audience?

Women and men alike. All those who ask themselves questions on our tribulations in the space called Life, on destiny, on death, on love, on friendship, on determinism and free will. At a certain moment, Ondine asks herself the question: "Why does one write? For whom does one write? You write, that's all. You write for the people who read you."

Is this your first book? If not, please list other books that you have written.

EXIT is my second novel.

My first book is Living Shadows. Living Shadows will be forever my cast-off child. Not because it happens to be my first novel. Because it is an autobiographic novel and I have not allowed myself to write without restraint — I held back. I held back emotions, feelings; I did not allow my fountain pen to feel free, as with Exit. I wrote Living Shadows as if I had a moral duty toward those who had been in my life and now are smoke, memories. I did not write Living Shadows with a desire for people to read it.

However, Living Shadows is not a wasted effort. Parts of it will be remodeled, recreated, entirely rewritten and will become a living tissue in my next novel, the Hourglass.

Living Shadows also has some technical defaults; I am the first to criticize my work and myself.

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