"Write books only if you are going to say in them the things you would never dare confide to anyone."(Emil Cioran)

"If I have never seriously thought about my inner being, if I have lived always on the surface of things with no attention to the values that sustain our individual and common life, if I have made no effort to understand myself and the pattern of my reactions to people, if I have avoided any insight into the reasons for my behavior and my misbehavior, if I have lived so superficially that I have always been running, running, running away from the harsh issues and reality of primal suffering, social injustice and death, then I shall know what a fearful thing is to reach the end of life and think I have nothing to account for except a thin veil of confused images signifying nothing but wasted opportunities." (excerpt from EXIT by Liliana Badd, page 263).

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I'm Liliana Badd, author of Exit: A Novel.

About my latest book, Exit: A Novel

   "Exit" is the story of a frustrated middle-aged woman, settled in her bourgeois Parisian life, feeling that she has failed her life, having always yearned to accomplish something by herself and not through her entourage. Unexpectedly, as it often happens in our fragile lives, when a simple glitch is enough and all turns upside down, Ondine's life collapses. She finds out that she has leukemia. It is through her illness she valiantly fights that she achieves what she has always dreamed about - being Ondine. Becoming a writer.

    Ondine's story is dedicated to all those men and women I will never meet in person, and whose lives collapsed on a beautiful day, condemned to an incurable illness. It is my hope that Ondine's story will be like a ray of sunshine, a pleasant interlude, in their daily wrestle. And when they feel depressed, defeated and overwhelmed by their fate, I would like to remind them that, for as little as we know with certitude, for wealthy or poor, for healthy or sick, for old or younger, for all of us, sooner or later, at the end of our journey through the space called Life, there it is, majestic in its implacable serenity, silently awaiting... the EXIT.

    The book ends with a twist — it will truly surprise my readers.

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